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Clark University Policy Library

The Clark University Policy Library serves as the central repository for University policies. This site contains many, but not all, of the official policies of the University.

A University Policy typically encompasses several of the following characteristics:

  • Has broad institutional application.
  • Enhances the University’s mission and provides operational efficiencies.
  • Mandates action or constraints and establishes boundaries for conduct.
  • Helps ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Reduces institutional risk.
  • Changes infrequently and sets a course for the foreseeable future.
  • Requires approval at the highest administrative levels of the University.

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Policy Name Description Document Categories wdt_ID
Employee Birth/Adoption or Condolence Acknowledgement

Clark will acknowledge the birth, adoption and passing of an employee’s immediate family members. Should you be made aware of one of the above-listed events, please contact the Office of Human Resources who will recognize the event by sending the employee an appropriate acknowledgment. The purpose of this policy is to avoid department funds being utilized for this type of occasion. Please also reference the Entertainment and Gift Policy.

Employment Benefits and Workplace 5
Inclement Weather Policy

As a primarily residential campus with students who continue to need services irrespective of the weather, Clark University rarely closes.

Employment Benefits and Workplace 6
Student Employment Verification Policy

Clark University believes that one component of a well-rounded educational experience for many students is to gain valuable career development and invaluable performance and behavioral modeling and expectations exposure by virtue of working in an on-campus job. This policy outlines how students, once they secure an opportunity, proceed with formalizing and beginning their campus employment experience.

Employment Benefits and Workplace, Student Affairs, Student Services 7
Background Check Policy

The purpose of this updated policy is to ensure safety throughout the Clark community by requiring background checks under certain circumstances for new and current employees, students, independent contractors and volunteers seeking employment and volunteer opportunities at Clark. Information discovered through the background check process will be used solely for the purpose of evaluating a finalist’s suitability for employment, or a person’s suitability to work with and around minors on campus. Please also reference the Minors on Campus Policy. 

Employment Benefits and Workplace, Safety and Risk Management 8
Essential Personnel Limited On-Campus Operations Pay Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that employees identified as performing essential services during limited on-campus operations whom are required to travel/be on campus during severe weather/natural disasters, fire or related hazards, etc., are compensated or receive additional vacation or compensatory time for this service to the Clark community. Please also referent the Inclement Weather Policy and the Facilities Management Handbook.

Administration & Financial Management, Employment Benefits and Workplace, Safety and Risk Management 9

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