十大网赌平台 graduate programs award generous merit-based scholarships to students who demonstrate academic potential, 专业的领导, 以及对十大平台网赌社区价值观的承诺.

这两个你.S. 国际学生有资格获得奖学金.

Merit-based scholarship awards are assessed during the application review process and no additional application is required. 奖学金可能因部门和项目而异.

我们鼓励寻求奖学金的候选人尽早申请, 在这里列出的优先申请期间.

十大网赌平台 只有 considers students for scholarships before the start of their program. Scholarship awards cannot be reconsidered or adjusted after a student has begun their degree program.

十大网赌平台90%以上的研究生都是美国学生.S. 国际上,获得奖学金.



如果您想查看您的程序费用, 请输入您的学位类型(硕士学位), 博士学位, 等)和下面感兴趣的程序.  Please note the following costs reflect the current calendar year and are subject to change.



This one-time fee is assessed to all international students the first time at matriculation. 它可以对研究生和本科生进行评估. This fee supports the student visa processing program from enrollment through to the end of their academic program.


This one-time fee is assessed when a student enrolls and matriculates in a graduate program.  费用支持新生欢迎, orientation and other onboarding events and programs associated at both the department and university level. 该费用对所有研究生包括博士研究生进行评估.D.、MAT、MPA、MS/MA、MFA等专业.  该费用还将评估给参加该计划的学生th 硕士项目.


可持续发展和社会正义系: $20 per full-time semester

学生会的费用是对所有全日制在校学生征收的. 完全在线的学生不需要支付这笔费用.  的 funds support graduate student council activities at the school or department level.  的 elected student officers of each council determine the use of these funds.  Funds are typically used to support student life activities, travel grants (e.g. 学术会议)和其他理事会赞助的学术节目.


This fee is assessed each full-time semester to students in certain STEM designated programs.  的se programs are supported by a higher level of technology (both software and hardware) and this fee aids in defraying the added costs associated with those services.  的 affected programs include:  MSGIS, MSCS, MSDA, MSIT, MSBA, MSAA, MSMKA, MSF.


This fee is assessed each full-time semester to students in School of Business, 专业研究学院, 和部门. 可持续发展和社会正义. 这笔费用支持职业发展, 职业咨询, 专业和网络参与的机会, and community engagement and development programming in these respective degree programs.

  • Any Full-Time student matriculated Spring 2024 or prior who were already charged the one-time fee will not be charged again
  • 修读少于3个单元的学生不需付费


  • 回国的和平队志愿者: 商学院 and the 可持续发展和社会正义系 offer the Coverdell rpcv奖学金.
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS)奖学金: 商学院 is proud to offer 50% tuition scholarships to BGS members.
  • 国家服务奖学金: Clark partners with AmeriCorps and City Year and provide 50% tuition fellowships to returned service volunteers accepted to SSJ and School of Business graduate programs.
  • 伍斯特和Metro West商会会员: 商学院, 可持续发展和社会正义系, and 专业研究学院 offer 25% tuition scholarships to employees of member companies and their families.
  • 十大平台网赌校友奖学金: Clark undergraduate and graduate alumni admitted to a graduate degree program receive 50% tuition scholarships for School of Business and SSJ on-campus programs and 30% tuition scholarships for 专业研究学院 programs.

**的 Dean’s Scholarship application for the Fall 2024 semester has reached its conclusion. However, it will resume accepting applications for the Spring 2025 semester in late August.


院长奖学金项目(DSP) is an additional scholarship opportunity for admitted full-time masters-level graduate students for the Fall and Spring terms. 


  • 社区发展与规划硕士
  • 国际发展硕士
  • 环境科学与政策硕士
  • 可持续粮食系统硕士
  • 工商管理硕士
  • 会计专业工商管理硕士/硕士
  • 金融专业MBA/MS
  • 会计硕士
  • 会计分析硕士
  • 商业分析硕士
  • 金融硕士
  • 管理学硕士
  • 市场营销硕士
  • 市场分析硕士
  • 传播学硕士
  • 计算机科学硕士
  • 数据分析硕士
  • 资讯科技硕士
  • 项目管理硕士
  • 体育和电子竞技管理硕士
  • 公共管理硕士
  • 互动媒体美术硕士

You must have an acceptance decision before the Dean’s Scholarship Program application closes. Please refer to the “How to 应用 to the Dean’s Scholarship Program” information below for further details. 

学生 who applied to Clark through an external partnership program are not eligible to apply for increased funding through the Dean’s Scholarship Program. 

To be considered for the 院长奖学金项目(DSP), you must do the following: 

1. 收到十大网赌平台的录取通知书 

  • 应用 by the priority deadline to guarantee an application decision in time to participate in this scholarship opportunity.

2. Attend at least one Scholarship Summit event hosted by the Clark 研究生招生 Office  

  • 我们将在整个申请期间举办多次奖学金峰会, 你将被要求至少参加一次. You can register for these events as they become available in your application status portal. 
  • 我们将分享有关DSP的信息, 如何完成你的DSP应用, 并在本次活动中了解更多关于现任院长学者的信息.  

3. 提交DSP申请 

  • 您将获得对该应用程序的访问权限 只有 如果你参加 峰会活动. You do not need to have an enrollment deposit submitted in order to apply for the Scholarship. You will be required to deposit if awarded the scholarship within a specified timeframe.  

Strong 院长奖学金项目(DSP) applicants may be qualified for a Director’s Scholarship if they are not selected for the Dean’s Scholarship. 有关提交细节,请参阅上述步骤.  

If you have additional questions about your eligibility or the program, please email us at gradadmissions@jewishsouthwestwa.com. 


你可能有资格申请联邦或私人贷款. 联系 财政援助办公室.

数量非常有限的受薪教师, 研究, 和/或研究生助教奖学金每学期提供. Enrolled students may apply for these positions at the start of their studies.

十大平台网赌 著名奖学金和奖学金办公室 helps connect the Clark community with national fellowship and scholarship opportunities and provides application assistance to interested students.


Our experienced admissions advisers will help you answer scholarship throughout your application process.




  • 研究生招生

  • 办公时间只接受预约.